Redefining Spaces
For Better Living

Welcome to Nagjua. Welcome to a Better Life!

You only live once, so live it well. At Nagjua, we endeavour to help you live a better quality of life, by providing living spaces that transcend the four walls of your home.

Every square foot is thoughtfully designed, keeping in mind the family and the community at large. Safety and security is accorded a high priority, while every amenity provided meets with the highest standards of quality.

So, when we say we Redefine Spaces, what we really mean is that we Design Spaces for a Better Life!

New Benchmarks.
New Landmarks.

In keeping with the core brand positioning of redefining spaces, Nagjua is at the forefront, setting New Benchmarks and Creating Landmarks with every project. And the motivation to do so, is solely to offer greater value to its customers and to society at large.

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Corporate Office:

29-32, Nagjua Garden City, Samarvani, Silvassa 396230
T: +91 76210 06666

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