About Us

Nagjua is a name of repute in the real estate industry, in Gujarat and Dadra Nagar Haveli. From the very onset, we have single-mindedly embarked on a journey to change the skyline of the place we develop. Our adherence to the highest quality standards, in terms of both design and construction, has earned for us an enviable position, setting us above the rest.

Over the years, we have contributed in no less measure, to providing a better quality of life through our
numerous projects.



To provide premium housing and
commercial spaces with quality
standards & a contemporary lifestyle,
at the best affordable prices.


To be the leader in providing the best infrastructure and eventually changing the skyline of Gujarat.

Core Values

Commitment, quality & timely delivery Trust, transparency, teamwork, equality, ethics, excellence.


From The Desk of The Chairman

Homes are about creating memories of a lifetime for our children - where they will play, make friends and bond with neighbours. When a home is bought, there are many emotions, expectations and dreams woven around it - for some it’s an entire life’s saving; for some it’s about prestige and status; while forsome it’s about love and care for their very own. Our Homes are built with the strongest of steel and concrete, but with the softest of hearts. The Connect with Nature: Amenities like a Garden, Clubhouse and Play Area are a must for modern societies but these amenities cannot substitute the bountiful things that nature has given us, like the chirping of birds at dawn and dusk; plentiful sunlight and fresh air breezing through the greenery, in and around our Projects. We believe that a home for comfortable living cannot be built by ignoring these important natural amenities.
"For us, Quality comes from thought and Commitment … Quality comes from our Concern for your future … Quality comes from our Experiences … Quality comes with Attention… it’s your precious investment, it’s where your children will imprint this in their memory, for a lifetime!"

Our vision is to redefine every space with comfort, beauty and an experience that’s just as unique as our name “NAGJUA”. At NAGJUA we are sure of one thing: that we will hold your hands and find the most comfortable way to your home. Buying a home is a culmination of a variety of complex decision making at different levels and at the same time, it’s a very emotive issue. It becomes all the more complex, as quite often, buying a home for most, is something they have never done before. There is one more aspect that tends to be associated with “Luxury“ in the real estate industry. It is a very misunderstood term, which is interchangeably used by some real estate developers, for something that is pricier and exclusive. Luxury has its own segmentation, What we can call a luxury for 20 lakh apartment, cannot be called luxury for 50 – 60 lakh apartment, and likewise what’s luxury for 50-60 lakh apartment might not even be worth considering for a 2 to 3 cr. apartment. Our motto is to break this segmentation approach and strive to bring the so called comfort and luxuries of higher segments, to the lower segment, in a cost effective and innovative manner because we believe it’s not necessary to be pricey, and exclusivity is not a fiefdom of a select few. We understand the complexity of arriving at the decision to buy your home, and we are always available to help you.

Prem Agarwal, Chairman

Corporate Office:

29-32, Nagjua Garden City, Samarvani, Silvassa 396230
T: +91 76210 06666
E: info@nagjua.com

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